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for beautiful spindles & fibres

Greensleeves Spindles

We met Elizabeth and Bart Dailey of Greensleeves Spindles of Utah, USA, at the Spin-Off Autumn Retreat (SOAR) at Salt Lake City in 1996. The following year, they had a range of spindles for sale and they have been supplying us for a number of years. Some of their spindles are named for various of their family members.

The photographs below show our actual stock. In each instance the descriptions are arranged from top to bottom, in the same order as the spindles in the picture alongside, from left to right.

Postage and packing within the UK on a single spindle costing £20 or less is £7.00; from £21 to £50 the cost is £10.00; and on orders from £51 to £100 the cost is £12.00.

Three Bare Bonesies, at £13

  • Maple @ 26g
  • Maple @ 27g
  • Maple @ 28g

One Fox and one Loki, at £38

  • Bloodwood & Cristobel @ 41g
  • (the spindle in the middle has been sold)
  • Bloodwood & Mahogany @ 37g

Two Damsel Monique, at £42

  • Australian Red Gum, Lacewood & Mahogany @ 31g
  • Australian Red Gum, Birds Eye Maple & Cherry @ 33g

Three Kelly, at £45

  • Curly Maple @ 26g
  • Lacewood & Bois de Rose @ 38g
  • Bolivian Rosewood & Bois de Rose @ 39g

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